At Macrospec we have formed a series of strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of poultry products, systems and machinery.  We are the preferred agents for a number of award winning and industry leading products including poultry housing systems, egg handling, processing machinery and livestock processing equipment. Our long term relationships with these suppliers means we can get you the right products for your production capability and budget. At Macrospec we are at the forefront of industry innovation and are constantly sourcing and trialling new equipment. Contact us to speak to a sales representative.

Strong growth along with targeted acquisitions and investments have enabled SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP to become the leading specialists in the development and manufacture of egg handling and processing equipment. Over the past decade, in addition to adding cutting edge products at unprecedented speeds, the company has moved beyond its egg handling and processing systems, with the introduction of highly specialized vaccination equipment, enzymes and robots.

Denmark based SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has a history going back to the early 1960’s and has its heritage in the egg processing industry. Having its background in the processing of eggs has allowed SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP to continuously stay at the forefront of technologies for eggs, while always being on the cutting edge in developing new solutions.

Since the early days, the company has held its focus on innovation, with a commitment to constantly develop the most advanced and efficient solutions. With R&D centers in Denmark, Italy and The Netherlands, the company is able to constantly monitor industry trends and demands for future technologies. The R&D centers are strongly supported by the sales offices throughout the world providing feedback on industry wishes and expectations.


Thanks to their outstanding performance, proven robustness, low energy consumption and easy maintenance, the Farmpackers are your best choice day in and day out. This is why the Farmpackers are found in all corners of the world.

Every Farmpacker is created with the guiding principle that they should be easy to use, so you can focus on getting your eggs packed and spend less time figuring out how to maintain, determine replacement parts and worrying about up time. If you’ve never owned a Farmpacker, chances are you will know it inside and out in no time.

The Farmpacker range suits any size facility ranging from the 14,400 eph Farmpacker 40 with its impressively small footprint, all the way through to the SFP200 with a capacity of 72,000 eph


The process that the hatchery packer product range supports is the collection and packing of fertilized eggs. These eggs need to be packed in the gentlest of ways on setter trays.

Most important is the correct position of the egg in the setter tray. The so-called point down position, thus making sure that the air chamber is at the top of the egg. This serves to increase the Hatchability rate of your final product, leaving you without any loss of energy, human labour and investment.

The hatchery packer has a capacity of 24,000 eggs/hour on a 30-egg tray. Depending on the type of setter tray, capacities go from 20,000 eggs per hour for a straight 10 x 15 model up till 24,000 / 28,000 eggs per hour for staggered models.


The increased demand for processed eggs in the food industry gives you the opportunity to turn your eggs into valuable food ingredients.

With production and assembly in our European factories, we have been the world leader within egg processing for decades. Today, we are trusted to deliver the best service and the highest machine quality globally.

Our customers benefit from our turnkey solutions and processes. Our concept includes consulting, installation, on-site training, food technology know-how and maintenance. Your dedicated contact person makes sure that all aspects of your plant are considered.

As a customer with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, you have access to the most dedicated and experienced service technicians and all of their know-how within egg handling and processing. Whether you are considering to start processing or need to evaluate your current setup and performance, we welcome you to join the dialogue with our egg specialists.




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