At Macrospec we have formed a series of strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of poultry products, systems and machinery.  We are the preferred agents for a number of award winning and industry leading products including poultry housing systems, egg handling and processing machinery and livestock processing equipment. Our long term relationships with these suppliers means we can get you the right products for your production capability and budget. At Macrospec we are at the forefront of industry innovation and are constantly sourcing and trailing new equipment. Contact us to speak to a sales representative.


> AgriCool® Shed Ventilation

The AgriCool shed ventilation system has been specifically developed for the Australian poultry market. It can achieve power savings of over 75% and hence significantly reduce total running costs of broiler sheds. Retrofit trials have shown that the total number of fans used in a broiler shed can be reduced while at the same time providing higher air velocity for cooling. AgriCool fans provide effective growing conditions for the birds through a stable temperature profile and even airflow through the shed.

> Sanovo Technology Netherlands

In the food and egg processing industry STAALKAT has gained the reputation of being a manufacturer of products of the highest quality and performance.  Macrospec is the Australian distributor for Staalkat equipment and your local experts in installation, maintenance, fault finding and repair of all Staalkat equipment. Staalkat products cover a complete range of machines and equipment for egg handling and grading, designed to provide production facilities with a high degree of flexibility and efficiency.


> AgriLamp

From the innovative ALIS contactless lamp systems to 30W flood lighting specifically desgined for harsh poultry environments, Macrospec and AgriLamp can supply you with a high quality product to suit most needs. Our range has been developed for new build projects as well as retrofit solutions. Our lights are purpose built for the agricultural industry ensuring a robust design and build. The spectrum that is emitted by our bulbs has been customized to suit poultry vision. This has been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity. Used in conjunction with our dimmers and dawn-to-dusk controller options will allow for optimum results and an even spread of light.




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