At Macrospec we have formed a series of strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of poultry products, systems and machinery.  We are the preferred agents for a number of award winning and industry leading products including poultry housing systems, egg handling, processing machinery and livestock processing equipment. Our long term relationships with these suppliers means we can get you the right products for your production capability and budget. At Macrospec we are at the forefront of industry innovation and are constantly sourcing and trialling new equipment. Contact us to speak to a sales representative.

> Ethical Euthanising of Livestock through controlled and monitored CO2 atmosphere

The Petsmo Euthanising Unit utilises zoned and controlled CO2 delivery to ensure the animal is not subject to any undue stress during the entire process.

The animal is initially exposed to CO2 levels of around 50% where they will experience reduce availability of oxygen, displaced by CO2 and pass out.
As the animal is transported through the automatic conveyor system to the lower levels, they are exposed to higher levels of CO2 (typically around 60 – 70%) for an exposure time as set by the user.

With controlled flow and continuous monitoring, reduce your CO2 usage.  The design incorporates four CO2 inlet points with backflow prevention, so you can change stillages without interrupting your process.

The system also includes inline gas heating overcoming the issues with frozen bottles and wasted gas*

The Guardian NG infrared gas monitor supplied by Edinburgh Sensors offers near-analyser quality, continuous pump sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations.

> Equipment designed for rapid response to eliminate spread of disease

With the recent announcement of Avian Influenza (H7N7) in the Golden Plains region now affecting a number of poultry and turkey farms, it is a unfortunate reality that even during the time of COVID-19 where people and international movements are significantly reduced, exotic diseases can still appear in unexpected places.

For a number of years Macrospec have been working with various businesses and departments to introduce equipment that had been developed and used internationally to combat such issues rapidly and humanely.

Given the current unfortunate circumstances we have had the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of our equipment in delivering quick humane depopulation on complicated housing systems including cage, aviary and freerange on some of the affected sites

Your complete mobile euthanising and rendering solution

The complete Chickpulp rendering solution also incorporates an onboard grinding, mixing and pumping solution to ensure not only a usable and transportable homogeneous mass, but also safe of pathogens and viral load, through the use of specific additives

To see the Chickpulp process in action please watch our video below with testimonials from customers in Denmark.




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